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Friends of Maziwe

Maziwe Island is one of the oldest Marine Reserves in Tanzania and can be found about 15 nautical miles off the coast of Pangani. Established in 1981 it was given the status of a Reserve to prevent cutting the trees of the island as well as taking care of the important reef system around. 

A lack of protection, the trees still fell for firewood, until just a few were left and those got swept away by the starting sea erosion. Around 1983 the last tree was seen on Maziwe and what is left today, is a sun-kissed sand island, exposed during low tide. 


A diversity of nearly 400 species of fish, 35 genera of hard and soft corals, sponges and algae as well as shoreline birds have been identified. Just recently a group of Bird Experts from Denmark counted 35 – 38.000 Terns roosting or passing Maziwe and also spotted the first Black Tern in Tanzania. Still a lot of research needs to be done on Maziwe to understand the importance of the ecological system above and under water.


In 2005 the Dorobo Fund Directors, recreational stakeholders, the Tanzanian Government and the local community have joined together in an unique venture to protect the Maziwe Island Marine Reserve. Marine Conservation on Maziwe Island and the surrounding reefs is vital for a long-term sustainability of Pangani´s economy and environment. The broad goals of Friends of Maziwe are to monitor and evaluate the health and bio diversity of the Maziwe coral reefs in order to preserve and protect our coastal ecosystem. 


The Turtle Conservation Project  in Ushongo is one of the main projects of Friends of Maziwe. Green turtles are nesting on Maziwe Island but inundation of the beach gives no survival chance for the eggs. Therefore our turtle team monitors closely any turtle activity, relocates nests into two protected hatcheries and raises awareness amongst local communities of the importance of a healthy turtle population. Turtles are on the brink of extinction in Tanzania.

Maziwe Island Sandbank
Boot bei Sonnenuntergang in Tanzania
Fische im Indischen Ozean
Korallen im Indischen Ozean
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